Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ur Eyes Speak To Me

Ur eyes speak to me
No lust, just love
Runnin my hands n ur hair
Kissin u w/ so much passion to show how much I care
Lay ur body next to mine
As our lips connect
Ur body is art
Designed so well
Loving u has put me in a spell
As we hold hands and kiss n the dark
Kissing u from head to toe is where I will start
Tastin ur neck, licking between ur thighs
Waiting for ur climax to rise
Infatuated by ur moans and telling me not to stop
Loving the way u bite ur lip when I'm on top
Going deeper and deeper just to make u scream
While u scratchin my back, putting ur legs around my waist
Holdin me close knowing that no one can take my place
The love we share can't b compared
The life of love is something I want to share

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