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"The Slim & Puddah Show" Episode 6 (Workout 4 Kids Edition)

In this new episode of "The Slim & Puddah Show" Slim & Puddah want to keep kids their age in shape so they wanted to show how you can workout in the playground and have fun at the same time.

"The Slim and Puddah Show": Behind The Scenes

Footage of Puddah behind the scenes on the set of the new episode of The Slim & Puddah Show talking about cutting his braids off after 5 years. New episode coming soon...

"The Slim & Puddah Show" Episode 5

Slim & Puddah go shopping for "Man Stuff". Captured by Slim

"The Slim and Puddah Show" Episode 4

WATCH the new episode of "The Slim & Puddah Show" as Slim reps the New York Knicks and Puddah sings "Chris Brown - Beautiful People" with a guest appearance by Cousin Jayson

The "Slim and Puddah" Show Episode 3

Check out this new epsiode of  the "Slim & Puddah Show" They Lookin FRESH!!!

The "Slim and Puddah" Show Episode 2

Check out Slim & Puddah talking about MONEY & what it means to them. I love these kids lol

The "Slim and Puddah" Show Episode 1

Puddah shows off his "Michael Jackson" & "Chris Brown" dancing skills while Slim captures the moment