@DoeDoLLa's Bio

Michael Mais born December 28th 1982 better known as Doe DoLLa, is most famous for being the host of Thelifefiles.com’s popular Internet radio show—that featured countless celebrity interviews, lifestyle and entertainment news as well as undeniable comedic relief to its listeners. In addition to his wit and humor DoLLa has been credited on BET’s number—one—rated show BET Black Carpet for his much talked about interview with former Terror Squad member Remy Ma.

Doe DoLLa is the host of http://doctorexclusive.blogspot.com/ where unsigned artist are featured and music is debuted. DoLLa has a deep rooted background in music of all genres from R&B to Hip Hop as well as alternative Rock to Gospel. DoLLa has set the standard and has built a platform for new artist to shine. With countless celebrity interviews under his belt and an ear for good music he has trail blazed the scene with artist such as Ja Rule, Newz(Murder Inc), Shawnna(DTP), Razah, Max B, Gerreddi, Sandman, Chopper YoungCity and Mel Buckley. Featured artist on his site have been known to hit the United States and overseas markets within weeks as well pick-up on cable and internet radio such as HBO’s Entourage and Music Choice. http://doctorexclusive.blogspot.com/ is now the music industry’s guide to new music— and is bound to circulate major markets in the US and abroad.