Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I painted the red rose peddles gold
So u can cherish and hold
And my heart, I'm gonna fold
So u can take half and put it close to ur soul
No scissors will b able to cut us apart
Leave the window of love open
And let the air intoxicate our minds
As our two energies combine
And love each other to the end of our timelines

Show me ur dedication
And I will show u my determination
Show me ur focus
And I will show u my passion
U make love an inspiration
Loving w/ no fear
Just strong determination
To walk side by side thru any situation

Want to b able to catch every tear w/ my hand that might rain over ur heart
And put the sun n every place n ur heart that's dark
The sky seems so close knowing that I have a star as a companion
The clouds don't seem that high anymore
And planes aint the only thing fly anymore
Because of the one I adore
Mi amor...

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