Friday, May 20, 2011

Y haven't u been a father to me?

So many years of u not around
At times I forget that u r still around
But look at me now
A proud dad that gives his kids all he has
the tradition of family w/out dad is now n the past
That locked cycle is free at last
I could teach u a thing or two
Quick fast
U should sit front row n my 'how 2b a dad' class
I wear my last name proud on my back
We have the same first name 2
But this Mike don't act like that
Y haven't u been a father to me?
We both share the same common blood that runs thru our veins
But I'm a man of my word
That doesn't point fingers
And call out names
u c, I seen what I didn't have
And said God, this can't b
And God told me that it will all make sense eventually
U seen me grow up right behind ur back
U not around was a major impact
I got use to u making a promise
That would always be broken
I think @ the age of eight, I stopped hopin'
I knew when I got older I knew what dad I didn't want to b
U don't have a relationship w/ ur kids, how do u sleep comfortably?
Ur grandkids r blessed if ur even concerned
Ur about to miss another generation
When will ur lesson b learned?
Look n the mirror dad, is that a man ur facin?
But I don't want to hear it
Like a lot of static on an AM radio station
Y haven't u been a father to me?
U c, if u really fought 2c us like u said u did
Well, I can only tell u what my moms did
There's so much more I can say
But will it really matter anyway??

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  1. That is exactly why you are an amazing father. C.