Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Have u seen what i feel?

(Picture of MG & I in our dorm in 2000 in college @ VSU, USA..good times)

Have u ever lost a friend?
Someone u thought would c u progress until the end?
Someone that has been there for u thru the thick and the thin
Someone who told u that u were their best friend?
Someone who would take a bullet from Evil just to c u Live
Someone who didn't care about receiving just worried about where to give
Someone who was loyal
Someone who respected u as much as u respected them
Have u seen what I feel?
Or understand losing a best friend is hard to heal?
Not knowing how ur friend feels and if their thinkin about u the way ur thinking about them
The things that u want to tell them.
It would b cool to see my best friend again, I would b so over excited that it might overwhelm them
Theres not a day that I don't look at my phone, thinking that I'm gonna hear my best friends voice
But until then, I have to continue to pray and be patient cuz I have no choice
They say 'give flowers to ur love ones while their livin'
Whoever said that wasn't fibbin
Its hard to say goodbye when u don't know if its time to say goodbye
I say to myself how did I let my best friend go missin, when no matter what my friend was goin thru I was there to listen
My Heart feels heavy from the pain and tears
Not seeing my friend again is my biggest fear

I Miss MG...

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