Saturday, May 14, 2011

Do you hear my heart

Do u hear my heart?
When it thunders and rain
When its looking for someone to blame
Do you hear my hearts pain?  
Wishing for the best but expecting the worse
Putting yourself last and putting them first
Finding out w/ every gift there is a curse
Learning from mistakes cuz love isn't rehearsed
Do u hear my hearts pain?
Fighting a fight that can't be defeated
But knowing life won't be the same if u don't have that love to complete it
Do u hear my hearts pain?
Wanting to show it more than u say it
Knowing that love isn't something to play with
If u really mean it, just say it
Do u hear my hearts pain?
Trying to focus on a blurry vision
When things r not in ur hands and its not ur decision
Do u hear my hearts pain?

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